wild casino Coralville Chess is infinite – there are 400 different positions after a player makes one move a piece. 72,084 positions after each player makes two moves a piece. More than 9 million unique positions from the third move. After the 4th move, more than 288+ billion different positions are possible. Many 40-move games on Level-1 can be achieved than the number of electrons in our universe. There are more game-trees of Chess than the number of galaxies (100+ billion), and more openings, defences, gambits, etc. than the number of quarks in our universe!

sos game iphone slots Mulgund It is not possible for any coach to teach the student all the billions of possible positions in the game of chess. So there must be a proper curriculum and pattern to progress in this game.

Arpino diazepam gabapentin At Chess Masters Academy, we guide the student on how to master the game of chess. Our coaches aim to provide quality lessons to the students instead of focusing on the quantity.

While playing games with the students, our coaches assess their level of understanding of the game and accordingly, their strengths and weaknesses.

Regular homework is given to the students for practicing the concepts taught in class and it is checked by our coaches in the next class. We make sure that the students have learnt the concept properly and once the students’ brain’s metamorphosis is complete regarding one concept, we move on to the next, following our curriculum.

Next, we arrange players for offline or online game sessions to test the student’s skills. After playing sessions, irrespective of the student’s wins/losses, our coaches will analyse the games and point out any miscalculations or weaknesses in the student’s positions, tactics and overall game. In this way, the student can improve his/her game and will be ready to face any challenges in the actual tournaments.

Having FIDE Instructor Abhijit Hatkar at the helm, Chess Masters Academy has prepared an exclusive and unique training plan and curriculum for their students which help them to work in right direction and acquire complete knowledge of the game.

Our exclusive curriculum has a collection of useful positions and games to coach our students. By learning from such material students can understand the game in a simplified manner.

Chess Masters Academy also offers crash courses for students before a tournament. Through this, the students can brush up on their preparation in a short period of time.