customized poker chips Prerequisite – Beginner level should be completed or the student must have an equivalent knowledge of the topics covered in the preceding course.

gabapentin off label Description – After building a strong foundation in previous courses, students are ready to learn new strategic concepts to progress further in the game. Theoretical Endgame and new opening theories will also be introduced in this course. It will also be practiced in the games played in the coaching sessions. Students will also be given homework from time to time which will be checked by the coach in the following class.

The exclusive curriculum designed by FIDE Instructor Abhijit Hatkar will enable students to get a tighter grip on the game and on completing this course students will be ready to start playing local tournaments at regular intervals.

The course covers the following syllabus :

• Defending against check-mate
• King and Pawn endgames
• Berger’s rule
• Rook endgames theory
• Openings
• Advanced Tactics
• Queen vs pawn on 7th Rank.

here priligy ultrafarma Learning Outcomes – At the end of the course, each student will have a good understanding of endgame, introduction of opening theory and improved understanding of the game. Students are all set to go to the advanced level and master the game! On finishing this course, each student will be awarded Certificate of Completion.