Prerequisite – Complete Beginners level should be completed or the student must have an equivalent knowledge of the topics covered in the preceding course.

priligy hong kong Description – Chess Masters Academy offers this course to give a serious boost in understanding the game. The exclusive curriculum designed by FIDE Instructor Abhijit Hatkar will enable students improve their game and get ready to perform at a competitive level. Basic tactics along with basic openings (how to start a game) will be introduced in the coaching sessions. It will also be practically implemented in the games played in the coaching sessions.

At Chess Masters Academy, our coaches will provide the student with a personalized plan and method of study at the beginning of every week to ensure steady progress of the student’s game. In this course, students will be given homework from time to time which will be checked by the coach in the following class. Our coaches will monitor the student’s progress closely by taking periodic tests and solving any doubts the student may have.

The course covers the following syllabus :

• Mate in one positions
• Basic Checkmates with Queen and Rook
• Basic Opening concepts
• How to write a game
• Tactics – Double attack, Knight Fork, Skewer, Back Rank, Pin, Destroying the defender, Distracting the defender
• Mate in two positions Learning Outcomes – At the end of the course, each student will be thorough with tactics and basic openings. There is not only theory in the course but also practical guidance to defeat amateur players at a competitive level.

Balarāmpur buy ivermectin 3 mg On finishing this course, each student will be awarded Certificate of Completion.